• Łukasz Lubczyński, CISM

Keys to Efficient Information Security in 2019

Here I list the key topics I consider the most relevant to the efficient information security in the alphabetic order.

Backup and Recovery

Bring Your Own Device Security

Change Management

Cloud Security


Communication Encryption

Cyber Insurance

Cyber Security Prevention

Cybersecurity in Public Places

Cybersecurity and Travelling

Data Encryption, AES256

Data Storage, Archiving, Cleanup and Cyber Hygiene

Data Recovery

Disaster Recovery

External Workforce Security

Threat Detection and Prevention

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Healthcare Cybersecurity

Home Office, Remote Work

Identity and Access Management

Incident Management

Internal Threats

Internet of Things Security (IoT Security)

Internet of Medical Things Security (IoMT Security)

Network Security, WiFi, VPN

Passwords and Multi Factor Authentication

Penetration Tests

People, User Security Awareness

Physical Security

Privacy, GDPR

Regulations and Legal Obligations

Robotic Process Automation Security (RPA)

Quality Control, Quality Management

Release Management, CI/CD, DevSecOps

Removable Media Security

Risk Assessment, Risk Management

IT Security & Authorizations

SAP Security

Security Operations

Information Security Audits

Information Security Monitoring

Security Processes, Documentation

Social Behaviors, Security Culture

Social Engineering and Sociotechnics

Supply Chain Security

Third-Party Vendor Security

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